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April 2020 and we are all coping with the effects of the COVD-19 as it sweeps across the world. We are all in lock-down hoping to slow down the spread of the virus. As a consequence of Government imposed restrictions all nonessential services, business activities and public gatherings have been suspended. I have had news from choir leaders their weekly practices have been suspended. Churches have closed their doors and schools are closed save for the children of key workers and exams have been cancelled. The key message is “Stay at Home”. Obviously nobody knows when these restrictions will be lifted but we live in hope that as the year progresses we will return to a semblance of normality.

Cancellation of the Young Musician of the Year Showcase Concert.

Already we have had to cancel this years’ show-case concert for our winners and runners-up of the East Coast Musician of the Year

Competition 2019 planned for the 23rd May 2020. This decision has been made in conjunction with our sponsors Hornsea Music Society who host the event. We regret that our talented young musicians are to be denied the opportunity to perform in a live concert. However, we have agreed to plan for a 2021 concert on May 29th next year.

Cancellation of Annual General Meeting.

Your trustees also have made the decision to postpone our AGM scheduled for June 2020. Subject to restrictions on movement being eased, we have provisionally rescheduled this for October 2020. Further details will follow.

Provisional Plans for 2020 Since most of our public events take place from October through to the first week in December our trustees have decided to plan a provisional programme for 2020. We aim to continuing our 11 year practice and hold The Festival of Choir and Voices on the first Saturday in November. Community choir leaders please pencil this into your schedule.

Following our “Popular Musician” trial last year, we will now be creating two distinct competitions for young people to show off their talents. The first event will become known as The East Coast Young Performer(s) of the Year Competition, The second event will continue our traditional competition to find the East Coast Young Musician of the Year. More details will be published shortly.

One of the highlights of the

ECCCMF is the Festival of Schools’ Music Making. We appreciate the difficulties schools will have when normal business is resumed after what could be a long break. However, it is our intention to work with local schools to continue to host this enjoyable event. We have some proposed dates in mind which hopefully will give schools sufficient time to put together a performance programme. We will be putting our proposals to the schools shortly. Hopefully the event will take place late November. Last year our fund raising night with Brid Beat and Jim Hornsby’s horse race night was a great success. So subject to final arrangements we will be repeating this event at the end of October.

Finally our plans would not be complete without our tour of local communities with our musical show time, featuring our Festival Chorus, Band and Drama Group. This year owing to possible limited rehearsal time we are considering giving the show a new-look. But more will be revealed as the show develops. We have scheduled the show time for each night of the first week in December, with rehearsals (subject to Covid-19) starting last Thursday in August. Obviously, we have to be flexible with our programme intentions and respond accordingly. But we have launched a new WEB SITE to keep you up to date.

Our new Web Site

Our Trustees decided it was time to give our web site a new look. As a result Mark Granton has been working on this project for a number of weeks. While it is still “work in progress” it is now available for you to view and to comment on. You will find it Remember it’s 3Cs and .org. We are updating this on a regular basis so visit it and keep up to date with our activities.

Here are the trustees reports on the 2019 Music Festival.

The Choirs and Voices The day was divided into 2 sessions. The first featured 4 choirs who each had a 30 minute slot to show the style and variety of their programmes. The second session gave the same opportunity to another 3 choirs. Choirs came from Filey, Bridlington, Beverley, Kilham,

Driffield, Staxton and Hornsea.

Filey Fishermen started off the day and reminded all those attending that their roots were in Christian support for those working at sea. Bridlington U3A Entertainers sang a variety of numbers including songs made famous by The Carpenters, The Mamas and the Papas and those with a religious flavour such as Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and the spiritual Let Me Ride. Beverley Community Choir opened their slot in dramatic style with a Zulu work song. All their programme was sung unaccompanied and much appreciated by the audience. A highlight for many was the final song – a version of Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Ray’s Voices, conducted by Steve Harris, enthusiastically shared with the audience that this was a group who did meet in the local pub! Their programme included songs from Lennon and McCartney, Simon and Garfunkel and the ever-popular song Can’t help falling in Love with You – made famous by Elvis. It was the Staxton Singers who started the second session. Their conductor joked about having to use a different arrangement on the stage because of his small stature! However, his command of the choir was very impressive,and the varied nature of the programme was much appreciated. It featured songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Beach Boys as well as Irish Blessing by Bob Chilcott. Driffield Male Voice Choir followed next. This was a traditional programme, most ably performed and conducted. This choir won the hearts of the audience by giving powerful expression to favourites such as Cwm Rhondda, American Trilogy and Stout-hearted men. Ad Hoc Singers closed the event. The programme was a mix of sacred music and secular, moving seamlessly from Abba to Rutter. The conductor said they were a fusion of Methodist choir and musical theatre. Their final piece was Parry’s setting of Crossing the Bar by Tennyson. A voluntary collection in each of the sessions raised a total of £300 to go towards the running of the Festival events. The Trustees give their thanks to all those who gave their time and efforts to make the day such a success.

The Popular” Competition. To try and encourage more young people to enjoy all types of music, it was decided to split up the East Coast Young Musician competition and hold a “Popular Music Performance” day for individuals and groups. This took the form of singing and instrumental.

In the first class, the candidates were aged between 9-12. Two of these candidates sang and played the guitar, and the third played saxophone to a piano accompaniment. In the second class aged 13-14, two candidates sang to backing tracks, and the third played guitar also to backing tracks. The final class aged 11-14 were two 4 piece rock bands. We were very impressed with the standard these young people had attained. Both the singing and instrument playing was quite professional. It was wonderful to just sit there and listen to them. The two judges, Dr Elaine King and Mr Geoff Allanach had quite a job choosing the winners because of the high standard from these young people. The venue also was new, and I thought, very successful.

The Classical Music Competition was a continuation of the previous 10 years we have been holding this competition. In November 2019 it attracted some exceptionally talented young people for the age of 8 to 23. It was impressive to see how many of them performed their pieces from memory which was quite an outstanding feat for the younger performers. The standard of musicianship was high. The judges Andrew Penny (Hull Philharmonic) and David

Taylor (Yorkshire Young Symphonia) had the unenviable job of selecting the winner. In short, an outstanding day.

On Thursday 21st of November we held the 2019 Festival of Schools Music Making at

Burlington St John’s Methodist Church. 160 children took part and we had 160 parents and friends in the gallery. After rehearsals we were able to have a break from 3:30pm to 3:55pm for the children to be fed and watered. The church Hall and the Guild room worked well for this.

The children reassembled for 4:00pm and the show was underway by 4:10pm. There was some late arrival of parents so the late start proved an advantage overall.

The programme was full. It opened with a welcome by the new Minister of SJB (Revd Ian Greenfield). This was followed with Quay academy drum band which set the scene and the atmosphere for the rest of the show. Each school gave a very positive performance which was well received,and we ended with a big sing which went down well.

We had some first class comments for the show both from parents and teachers which bodes well for the future. SJB are keen for us to return in 2020 and they have been very supportive of this event and also the musical.

The Community Musical

Approximately 25 Festival Chorus, 12 Band and 7 Cast members worked hard over 3 months to rehearse this musical. This culminated in a short tour of Bridlington and Hornsea between

Sundays 1st and 8th December 2019. Three songs from the musical were also contributed to the final service of the Rotary Club Christmas Tree Festival on 15th December.

We started the tour at Emmanuel Church. It was a pleasure to involve the choir of New Pasture Lane Primary School, under the capable leadership of Mrs Julie Granton. Our second performance was at Quay Academy School and we were very pleased to work in partnership with their school choir, under the enthusiastic leadership of Mr Tim Wilson. St John’s Burlington Methodist Church was the venue for our third performance, which went well. Hornsea United Reformed Church proved an excellent venue for our 4th performance, early on a Saturday evening. We received a good reception and attendance was encouraging and included members of the Hornsea Music Society. Our final performance, to a packed house, occurred in the hall of Our Lady and St Peter’s church Bridlington.

Following our successful Fund Raising evening in 2019 we are proposing to repeat this event with Brid Beat swing group and Jim Hornsby’s horse racing night. The provisional plan is to hold this at the end of October before the clocks go back. We will keep you posted.

So, stay safe everyone and we will see you when normality begins to return – which could be some way off.


Paul Lowe

( On behalf of The Board ECCCMF).

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