East Coast


2021 Provisional Plan 

The Festival of Choirs and Voices is a day when we celebrate choral singing. 2020 will be the 12th consecutive year we have hosted this event and every year it gets better and better. It is not a competition seeking to reward the best so we do not judge or mark each choirs’ performance.  We believe each choir is unique and brings to the celebration their own style and music choice for all to enjoy. By sharing in the celebration, choirs not only perform in front of a responsive audience but they are able to learn from each other and from the many and varied musical styles encompassed within the choral music traditions. 


So we welcome all, from small singing groups to large choirs, from community choirs, choirs singing  for fun, church choirs and gospel choirs, operatic choruses, Ladies Choirs, Male Voice Choirs, choirs that are just starting out to long-established organisations. Choirs choose their own programme and deliver it in a 20-30 minute slot. So why not plan to join us the upcoming November.

There is no entry fee but we do have a voluntary collection to help offset our costs. So if your choir has only just started or you belong to a long-standing choral group this one-day festival has been created for you. Choir leaders wishing to familiarise themselves with the venue are welcomes to do so. Simply contact the Festival Director to arrange a day and time for a visit.


After the long period when choirs have not been able to meet we recognise  brining their programme back to life will take a little longer so our provision plan is to move the Choir and Voices day from November to the first Saturday in December.  Our provisional venue will be Emmanuel Church, Cardigan Road, Bridlington, East Yorkshire. The day is open to the public and there is no admission charge.


Choirs wishing to sell their CDs etc are welcome to put them on display.  We do not charge commission.

If you would like to take part in the 2021 event please contact the Music Festival Director. juneandpaul@aqua-enviro.co.uk. +447967648566