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 The East Coast Young Performers of the Year Competition  

A Competition for Budding Performers

The EC Young performer(s) of the Year Competition is a brand new competition we piloted in 2019. This proved to be a successful event so  we have decided to make this an annual event.  The competition is aimed at the many young people who enjoy performing music in a more contemporary way. It opens up ECCCMF to those aiming for a performance career or who simply enjoy performing in their preferred musical idiom. So if your preference is for Pop, R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, Rock, Show time, Jazz, Country, Gospel etc then this competition is for you. The competition in not limited to solo performers we welcome bands, instrumental ensembles, singing groups. The age range is from 5 to 25, The choice of programme is up to the contestants. There will be a time limit on the performance depending on the age category. So why not give it a go.


Further information available from The Festival Director at  or +447967648566.